Our goal is to provide our clients consistent results through custom designed database marketing software. Our marketing initiatives are executed through various mediums- direct mail, e-mail marketing, and through training with our proprietary software.


Direct Mail

Database Direct MailWe strategically target individuals who would benefit most from customized marketing campaigns such as lease end renewal, equity mining and lease retention.



Non-Database MailWe are able to single out the largest number of people in our client’s market area that are driving, but not buying their product and market to those individuals.



Email MarketingWe offer a comprehensive suite of email marketing solutions to reach your customer with strategies such as competitors database and saturation e-mail.


Database Analytic System

Database Analytic SystemIn ten seconds, with three clicks, we can give you a complete bio of your customer based on 50 different point queries. For instant marketing, outbound phone calls, there at your dealership via secure login and password.


Extensive Event
Sales Training

Extensive Event Sales TrainingWorld class training from leaders with more than 200 years’ combined experience in the car business. Customized for YOUR event at YOUR dealership



Our Newest Tehcnology
We take your mailing list from the direct mail campaign and verify the cell phone numbers.
We then will leave voice messages for these people letting them know that you mailed them a letter, and encourage them to give you a call on your cell phone. Keep in mind, the outbound phone call does not ring their phone, it simply shows a missed call and that they have a voicemail. We will provide you a pin code so that you can call in to record this message.
We setup for the voicemails to deploy right after the mail starts to hit homes. We will take care of setting up the cell phone with your local area code and will ship the phone directly to you.