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Scott Simons, President CMA's Valley Dealerships, Part of the Carter Myers Automotive Group

Scott Simons

I've used a lot of direct mail companies and honestly I've never been a big fan. As an owner, I'm very conscious of how I'm spending my marketing dollars, how we're using co-op funds and of course how many people we're helping buy and service with our stores. The ROI, consistency and customer service I get from Hamlin & Associates is second to none. They really care about your success and we have absolutely been successful with the Hamlin program. – Scott Simons, President CMA's Valley Dealerships, Part of the Carter Myers Automotive Group

Sandra Dellolio, Internet Director, Atlantic Auto Group

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I have been in the auto industry for over 23 years and being an Internet Director for 3 stores in the Atlantic Auto Group, I have worked with many vendors that promise the world and never deliver until I worked with Hamlin & Associates. We have done several campaigns with them for my Atlantic Hyundai and Atlantic Toyota Store and it always is a success. We sell several cars and regain service customers that have been lost for years. If you want your phones to ring and you think all mail is the same, you have not worked with Hamlin & Associates.

Tom Gross, Daytona Kia & Daytona Mitsubishi

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We've done all kinds of direct mail but have never seen a program work as well and as consistent as the Hamlin program. The have a great cleansing strategy, an easy to use software tool, a phenomenal message, a team that actually cares about our success and the results to back it up. Let's face it, at the end of the day it's about one question… “Did this decision make us money?” and the answer to that question with Hamlin & Associates is a sincere YES. They start a very easy, powerful conversation with the customer and the opportunities are incredibly easy to handle. Since we started working with Hamlin, we've posted record months EVERY MONTH. Of course there's a lot that goes into this but Hamlin has quickly become one of our best practices and if you're interested in going to the next level, you need to have them on your team.

Rob Mariani, Maxon Hyundai Mazda, Maxon Buick GMC

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I have tried multiple mail companies. It seems like a lot of these companies focus on one or two things whether it be the big saturation campaigns, subprime, equity etc. Let's face it, hitting the same credit list every month gets old fast. What I like about using Hamlin is that I know every opportunity is being covered. They use many different letters on each campaign and every customer receives a custom letter based on what criteria they fit. This makes it much easier for my BDC to handle the calls being generated and set better appointments. I like that they don't use any gifts on my campaigns and the fact that their program drives this kind of traffic without gifts or gimmicks speaks for itself. Give them a call. – Rob Mariani, Maxon Hyundai Mazda, Maxon Buick GMC

Ryan Gremore, O'Brien Automotive Team

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I have worked with Hamlin and Associates for 6 years now and they make a huge difference in your bottom line. They are very professional and always there to help. Their mail is spot on and always very targeted. – Ryan Gremore, O'Brien Automotive Team

David Maus, David Maus Automotive Group

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There are several automotive direct mail companies from which to choose. We believe Hamlin and Associates is the best option for our business. John Hamlin and his staff have earned a reputation as truly understanding what drives customer need and behavior, and tailoring their campaigns accordingly. They are very open and objective in measuring results, and making any necessary alterations to future mailings, to maximize effectiveness. Simply put, Hamlin and Associates has our best at heart, not their own. – David Maus, David Maus Automotive Group

Amanda, DePaula Auto Group

From the moment the mailer dropped, I saw a huge influx of calls from Friday thru Tuesday and the conversations that we have been having with these customers has made it very simple to appoint. I contribute that to the fact that your backend tool is very helpful and easy to navigate. From reception to BD agent, the handoff has been very smooth and we are able to pinpoint exactly what mailer they have received. I am constantly looking at data and I think the data alone on this mailer so far speaks for itself. – Amanda, DePaula Auto Group

Robert Serrano, Balise Automotive Group

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I heard about Hamlin and Associates while congratulating an old colleague on social media who just started a new position with them . Not knowing much about the company I decided to do some research about them to see what they were all about. I was immediately impressed when I saw that they had some really strong dealer partners on board. We signed up to run a campaign and after the dust settled we had the best December on record and I attribute our success to the partnership we formed with Hamlin and Associates. DO NOT spend another penny on direct mail until you have contacted Hamlin and Associates. – Robert Serrano, Balise Automotive Group

Jerry Goddard, Hennessy Honda

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We are impressed with the program. Hamlin definitely has a better burger! – Jerry Goddard, Hennessy Honda

Lucas Walls, SouthTowne Hyundai Newnan, SouthTowne Hyundai Riverdale

Our stores have worked with Hamlin and Associates for a long time. They keep it simple, they always bring fresh ideas and their program absolutely works. Follow their lead, make sure your team is ready for the traffic and you will make more money. – Lucas Walls, SouthTowne Hyundai Newnan, SouthTowne Hyundai Riverdale

Charlie Dubord Jr., Ray Brandt Auto Group

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Hamlin was an integral part of our success in 2018. We saw a 30% increase in our group, in part because of the value found in their campaigns. – Charlie Dubord Jr., Ray Brandt Auto Group

Mathew Kelly, Jon Hall Chevrolet

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Our success with Hamlin and Associates over the last 10 years has been nothing but a massive success. Being the largest volume Chevy store in the Southeast, I can honestly say that Hamlin and Associates campaigns drove some of our biggest months. From their hands on campaign training with our sales staff and managers to the follow up on incoming calls, it's always a big event! I love the inbound calls and foot traffic their program generates giving us the buzz in the showroom it takes to have a successful campaign every time. I would not spend one single dollar on direct marketing until you at least reach out to those guys and let them show you what they can put together for you. I look forward to our next campaign even as I write this testimonial. – Mathew Kelly, Jon Hall Chevrolet

Jason Connell, Volume Chevrolet

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I have worked with the Hamlin & Associates team for almost 10 years. I trust their strategy every quarter and we're successful with the program. They do a great job for us at Volume Chevrolet and we plan to keep working with them for the foreseeable future. – Jason Connell, Volume Chevrolet

Mike Porro, Honda World

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I have worked with John Hamlin and Hamlin & Associates for 10 years. Like most other people who own car dealerships, I am constantly being asked to sit through presentations or receiving packages with the “latest and greatest” in direct mail from other companies around the country. I can tell you this, no one does what Hamlin does and keeps it as simple as they do. Simple gets done. I follow their advice, our staff is trained before every promotion and we're successful. If you're ready for a better direct mail partner, call Hamlin & Associates right now. – Mike Porro, Honda World

Joe Rodriguez, Feldman Chevrolet of Lansing

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We started working with Hamlin & Associates after a long relationship with another direct mail company. Hamlin's software gives my BDC the tools to easily handle the inbound calls more effectively. I like that their program isn't a “one size fits all” message and the fact that they don't use some kind of a cheesy gift to get people into my store. I have enjoyed working with the team at Hamlin & Associates. – Joe Rodriguez, Feldman Chevrolet of Lansing

Tommy Russell, Hudson Nissan North Charleston

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We have worked with a lot of other direct mail companies over the years, but the most successful relationship has been with Hamlin & Associates. Their campaigns are extremely targeted to customers who are in their buying cycle, but they don't cherry pick like some other companies do. We want all the opportunities we can get and that's exactly what Hamlin provides us with. – Tommy Russell, Hudson Nissan North Charleston

Mike Woodrum, Woodrum Automotive Group

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Our stores have worked with Hamlin for a long time. We follow their suggestions and we sell a bunch of cars from their campaigns. It's pretty simple. Their strategy of using different letters with unique call to actions for each customer is smart and only helps us when it comes to setting the appointment or greeting the guest when they visit one of our locations. – Mike Woodrum, Woodrum Automotive Group

Jim Dunn

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My experience with Hamlin and Associates has been nothing less than sensational for over 15 years. Mail companies come and go but Hamlin has a process that is bullet proof. We have all heard the adage “half of my advertising and marketing works, I just don't know which half!” With this company you can measure the ROI, you know how successful your campaigns work. I have run high powered, high volume dealerships like JM Lexus for many years, the most success I had was during the relationship with Hamlin and Associates, winners! I would be happy to share my experiences personally with anyone interested. - Jim Dunn, James Dunn Consulting LLC

Dustin Nickoson

You guys are AWESOME!! Talk about under promise and over deliver!!!! Hart told me that we would do well. That is an understatement. This is the third campaign I have done (Greenville Chevrolet) and it just keeps getting better!?! I don't understand how it's working so well but I guess that is why your business is so successful. You guys are the real deal. I owe 40% of the business we did in March to Hamlin & Associates. We are a small town rural store and the numbers we have been doing since Hart got me to sign up, has completely changed everything. Not only are we selling more cars, we are making more gross and for the first time EVER, we are getting a steady line of trade ins. That is something we have struggled with for years. In today's times, you have 200 dealers trying to buy 50 cars at auction. Needless to say, they don't come cheap. Between me, my GM and my used car manager, we have over 60 years of car business experience. Yet we can't come up with an idea or marketing plan to contribute even 10% of the increased volume that you guys have brought to our store. It's so extreme that I almost feel like a failure for not being able to generate quality traffic like you guys do. But at the end of the day I can pound my chest and feel like a winner for knowing that I brought you guys to the table before my owners and GM and know that I'm responsible for finding you guys. Bringing you guys in makes me a winner. Seriously, you guys got this down to a perfect science and I can't thank you enough. Hart, YOU ARE THE MAN BROTHER!! THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH FOR HELPING MY STORE!! - Dustin Nickoson General Sales Manager, Greenville Chevrolet