Hamlin & Associates

We are an extremely surgical marketing company that since 1988 has based its growth on referrals and long lasting relationships. For years, we have partnered with many of the most prominent dealerships throughout the country.

At Hamlin and Associates, we pride ourselves on the advanced software that we use for our mail. Our software has been designed with mail in mind. Our mail has a genuine call to action that speaks directly to your customers in regard to where they are “right now” in their buying cycle. It has proven to have generated superior success through the years.

Charities Hamlin Supports

We host the Hamlin & Associates Wishmaker’s Ball which is one of the largest Make-A-Wish fundraising events in the country. In 2019, we raised over $1.2 million in a single evening. We’re also a major Sponsor of Camp Boggy Creek and the Camp Boggy Creek Ride for Children.

Mike Porro, Honda World

I have worked with John Hamlin and Hamlin & Associates for 10 years. Like most other people who own car dealerships, I am constantly being asked to sit through presentations or receiving packages with the “latest and greatest” in direct mail from other companies around the country. I can tell you this, no one does what Hamlin does and keeps it as simple as they do. Simple gets done. I follow their advice, our staff is trained before every promotion and we’re successful. If you’re ready for a better direct mail partner, call Hamlin & Associates right now. – Mike Porro, Honda World