There’s nothing worse than spending money on a marketing promotion and not executing properly. We take this seriously. Hamlin will provide a complimentary event sales training session for your team to ensure everyone is aware, prepared and ready to maximize every single opportunity.

We focus on the meet and greet, inbound phone call handling, outbound cold calling skills and overall knowledge of our program. Your team will enjoy this, we guarantee it. Interested to see what this will look like for your store? Request a demo now!

“Our staff is much more engaged because Hamlin makes sure everyone on our team is aware of the campaign and how to handle the traffic.”

Amanda, DePaula Auto Group

From the moment the mailer dropped, I saw a huge influx of calls from Friday thru Tuesday and the conversations that we have been having with these customers has made it very simple to appoint. I contribute that to the fact that your backend tool is very helpful and easy to navigate. From reception to BD agent, the handoff has been very smooth and we are able to pinpoint exactly what mailer they have received. I am constantly looking at data and I think the data alone on this mailer so far speaks for itself. – Amanda, DePaula Auto Group