Hamlin & Associates

We are an extremely surgical marketing company that since 1988 has based its growth on referrals and long lasting relationships. For years, we have partnered with many of the most prominent dealerships throughout the country.

At Hamlin and Associates, we pride ourselves on the advanced software that we use for our mail. Our software has been designed with mail in mind. Our mail has a genuine call to action that speaks directly to your customers in regard to where they are “right now” in their buying cycle. It has proven to have generated superior success through the years.

Jim Dunn

My experience with Hamlin and Associates has been nothing less than sensational for over 15 years. Mail companies come and go but Hamlin has a process that is bullet proof. We have all heard the adage “half of my advertising and marketing works, I just don’t know which half!” With this company you can measure the ROI, you know how successful your campaigns work. I have run high powered, high volume dealerships like JM Lexus for many years, the most success I had was during the relationship with Hamlin and Associates, winners! I would be happy to share my experiences personally with anyone interested.

Jim Dunn, James Dunn Consulting LLC