The Hamlin Market Accelerator combines MILLIONS of data points to reveal key deal indicators in both your current customers and your competitor’s customers.  Our proprietary data methods and communication strategy delivers a custom message to each opportunity based on exactly where they’re at in their unique buying cycle.  This leads to dramatically increased believability and a message that truly resonates with the consumer.  Our goal is to help our dealer partners shatter their market share goals while maintaining the customer base they worked hard to build.

  With Hamlin Market Accelerator, you essentially know your competitor’s customers as if they belonged to you!

In addition to customer lifecycle management, Hamlin clients now have the ability to start the best conversation in the fastest way possible with consumers in market who are driving YOUR product, coming off lease, have equity in their vehicle, or are at the end of their loan but have NEVER done business with you!  The Hamlin Market Accelerator program is refined by internal data strategies to provide our clients with unmatched accuracy and efficiency.

Interested in growing your market share?  Hamlin Dealer Partners have recognized as much as 12% Market Share growth in just one quarter!  Your competition simply will not know what hit them. Hamlin & Associates is constantly raising the bar and this is performance you can’t afford to miss.

Data. Message. Results.

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Tom Gross, Daytona Kia & Daytona Mitsubishi

We’ve done all kinds of direct mail but have never seen a program work as well and as consistent as the Hamlin program. The have a great cleansing strategy, an easy to use software tool, a phenomenal message, a team that actually cares about our success and the results to back it up. Let’s face it, at the end of the day it’s about one question… “Did this decision make us money?” and the answer to that question with Hamlin & Associates is a sincere YES. They start a very easy, powerful conversation with the customer and the opportunities are incredibly easy to handle. Since we started working with Hamlin, we’ve posted record months EVERY MONTH. Of course there’s a lot that goes into this but Hamlin has quickly become one of our best practices and if you’re interested in going to the next level, you need to have them on your team.

Jason Connell, Volume Chevrolet

I have worked with the Hamlin & Associates team for almost 10 years. I trust their strategy every quarter and we’re successful with the program. They do a great job for us at Volume Chevrolet and we plan to keep working with them for the foreseeable future. –Jason Connell, Volume Chevrolet