The Hamlin Market Accelerator combines MILLIONS of data points to reveal key deal indicators in both your current customers and your competitor’s customers.  Our proprietary data methods and communication strategy delivers a custom message to each opportunity based on exactly where they’re at in their unique buying cycle.  This leads to dramatically increased believability and a message that truly resonates with the consumer.  Our goal is to help our dealer partners shatter their market share goals while maintaining the customer base they worked hard to build.

  With Hamlin Market Accelerator, you essentially know your competitor’s customers as if they belonged to you!

In addition to customer lifecycle management, Hamlin clients now have the ability to start the best conversation in the fastest way possible with consumers in market who are driving YOUR product, coming off lease, have equity in their vehicle, or are at the end of their loan but have NEVER done business with you!  The Hamlin Market Accelerator program is refined by internal data strategies to provide our clients with unmatched accuracy and efficiency.

Interested in growing your market share?  Hamlin Dealer Partners have recognized as much as 12% Market Share growth in just one quarter!  Your competition simply will not know what hit them. Hamlin & Associates is constantly raising the bar and this is performance you can’t afford to miss.

Data. Message. Results.

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Dustin Nickoson

You guys are AWESOME!! Talk about under promise and over deliver!!!! Hart told me that we would do well. That is an understatement. This is the third campaign I have done (Greenville Chevrolet) and it just keeps getting better!?! I don’t understand how it’s working so well but I guess that is why your business is so successful. You guys are the real deal. I owe 40% of the business we did in March to Hamlin & Associates. We are a small town rural store and the numbers we have been doing since Hart got me to sign up, has completely changed everything. Not only are we selling more cars, we are making more gross and for the first time EVER, we are getting a steady line of trade ins. That is something we have struggled with for years. In today’s times, you have 200 dealers trying to buy 50 cars at auction. Needless to say, they don’t come cheap. Between me, my GM and my used car manager, we have over 60 years of car business experience. Yet we can’t come up with an idea or marketing plan to contribute even 10% of the increased volume that you guys have brought to our store. It’s so extreme that I almost feel like a failure for not being able to generate quality traffic like you guys do. But at the end of the day I can pound my chest and feel like a winner for knowing that I brought you guys to the table before my owners and GM and know that I’m responsible for finding you guys. Bringing you guys in makes me a winner. Seriously, you guys got this down to a perfect science and I can’t thank you enough. Hart, YOU ARE THE MAN BROTHER!! THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH FOR HELPING MY STORE!!

— Dustin Nickoson General Sales Manager, Greenville Chevrolet

Wendell Hardy

We struggled to hit our objective with Toyota. Seriously STRUGGLED! From the first month that we partnered with Hamlin, we have got that struggle off our backs and FINALLY started breaking records and constantly hitting our SET #. Many thanks to John, Grant and Team. Impressed, doesn’t describe our partnership. Thanks so much, gentlemen!!

Wendell Hardy, General Sales Manager, Germain Toyota of Naples